'57 Chevy Bel Air art print poster picture by Cruiser Art. Classic 1957 Chevrolet BelAir hardtop. American Graffiti and Happy Days memories. Surfing surfboard art poster print.


Chevrolet Chevy Chev Chevie Bel Air BelAir hardtop art print poster picture painting photo photograph drawing
1955 1956 1957 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air sedan. Happy Days cruiser car.
Collectible nostalgia memorabilia
Vintage fine art print poster picture
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Classic nostalgic vintage Chevy BelAir nostalgia collectible memorabilia. Chevrolet laser prints posters painting. Custom chrome fifties tail fins 210 150 283 V-8 engine. Surf surfboard art. 


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57 1957 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air Art Print Poster

 1957 57 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air Art Print Poster

 6 8 55 56 57 Hawaii Hawaiian Maui Cruiser Art hotrod jalopy 1955 1956 1957 Chevrolet Chevy tail fins tri-chevy beach motor


Chevy Bel Air Art Print

  "A Patient Old Chevy Waits on a Golden Hawaiian Beach" is a colorful subtitle for this very popular and affordable laser art print.  The print is an open edition version of our highly acclaimed "Chevy Shangri-La" Limited Edition canvas giclée print. Double-matted in the mat color of your choice and available in two standard frame sizes, this vibrant laser print will be a source of enjoyment for years to come.


  Subtitled "A Patient Old Chevy Waits on a Golden Hawaiian Beach", this vibrant open edition laser print was created, printed and packaged on the Island of Maui. The small edition measures 8x10 inches and comes mounted in an 11x14 inch double mat. The Large Edition print measures 11x14 inches and comes mounted in a 16x20 inch double mat. The standard outer mat is white while the inner green mat forms a border accenting the print's vibrant colors.  If you wish you can select a custom inner mat color at no additional cost.  Click on the link to the left to see this print presented in a variety of mat colors.


  Each print comes with a free eight chapter story in which this classic old Cruiser icon recounts its long and fascinating life. From the day it first rolls off the GM assembly line, the Chevy lives an exciting and adventurous life intertwined with historical events and contemporary figures of the time.  Inevitably the ravages of age set in however, and the old Chevy is abandoned -- only to be miraculously rescued and begin a new life as a beach Cruiser. The final chapter finds the Chevy enjoying its Golden Years under a palm on a sun-drenched beach.  We invite you to preview the intriguing Auto Biography that accompanies this print.


  All Cruiser Art prints are professionally printed on an industrial heavy duty laser print in order to achieve the most precise color reproduction possible. The colors are breathtaking and compare with the level of quality usually found in prints costing considerably more. The small size (mounted in an 11x14 mat) is printed on premium quality 60lb paper. The Large Edition (mounted in a 16x20 mat) is reproduced on a special Linen Weave textured paper. This exceptional paper gives the print a canvas-like appearance.  There is no way to show the textured effect on the computer monitor, however it creates a truly stunning presentation.



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