Cruiser Art limited edition fine art prints use giclee fine art printing on cotton base canvas for vibrant color reproduction


Cruiser Art limited edition fine art prints use giclee fine art printing on cotton base canvas for vibrant color reproduction. Collectible nostalgia memorabilia
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-  Giclée Fine Art Prints  -

  Giclée (zhee CLAY) is a new technology employed in the creation of limited edition prints. Individually produced, giclées are made with large format high-end professional inkjet printers. Giclée technology was originally developed as a proofing system for lithographic printing presses. However it became immediately obvious that the new technology offered brighter colors that were so high-resolution they appeared to be virtually a continuous tone rather than a pattern of dots. The range of color produced in a giclée print far exceeds that of lithography.


  Giclée is French for "spray".  Instead of being "pressed on" the surface of a medium (traditionally paper) as is the case in offset printing, the inks are actually sprayed. Thousands of dots are sprayed in a fine mist on paper or canvas (Cruiser Art giclées are printed exclusively on canvas) producing a richness of color and a fineness of detail that is simply unavailable in traditional prints. Inks are applied from tiny jets one-tenth the diameter of a human hair. Each droplet is no larger than a red blood cell!  Adding to the print's clarity is that fact no screen or other mechanical device is used and therefore there is no visible dot screen pattern.


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  Precise computer calculations control ink jets that dispense high quality pigmented inks. Information controlling the inks jets comes directly from the computer. There are no printing film or plates involved. The result is a combination of art and science that produces the giclée fine art print. Custom equipment, new computer programs, as well as special inks and protective coatings -- all contribute to a new technology which makes it possible to offer prints that retain all the color brilliance and precise detail found in original works of art. 


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  Cruiser Art limited edition giclée fine art prints are printed by Chromaco, Inc.  Chromaco, Inc. is a leading provider of fine art services in Hawaii, combining state of the art technology with top-notch human expertise to produce what we consider to be the finest giclée print possible. Our giclées are printed using pigmented inks on glossy 14-ounce poly/cotton base canvas that promises a print life span of 80-100+ years with no noticeable fade (under proper storage/display conditions). The finished canvas is then coated with a UV-protective, non-yellowing top-coat (varnish) for additional surface and color protection. The giclée print is truly breathtaking.


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